Top SEO Tips to Achieve Higher Rankings

Article by Pierre Zarokian.

SEO tips by Pierre Zarokian

Search Engine Optimization, while being free, is a work-in-progress but even though it takes a lot of research in order to get it right, the truth is that the expenses involved in doing so is much lesser than spending thousands of dollars in Sponsored Ads that appear every time someone searches using Google or any other search engine.

So here is a list of SEO tips that you can use to achieve higher rankings in the search results:

#1: Finding the best keywords

Most search engines often offer SEO tools that will help you find these keywords, and they’re free.

#2: Analyze what your competitors are doing

One key advantage will be to find your competitors and also know how many incoming links they have.

#3: Write content that is sharable and linkable

Among the most important pointers, the content that you prepare has to be useful, original and fun at the same time. People should want to link to it, and most importantly, establishes you as an expert going forward. This is the only way you can hope to earn from Google.

#4: Title and Meta Description must be optimized

Writing out your Homepage title in less than 66 characters will be a good idea while it is just that important to focus on Meta Description that will describe what the site is all about.

#5: Headings and Subheadings must be optimized as well

Use only ONE H1 tags (heading) while using a few H2-H6 tags to divide your content into digestible sections.

Pierre Zarokian is an SEO and Reputation management expert, currently writing for several publications such as Search Engine Journal.  Keep up with his posts at Submit Express.