Three Advantages Mobile Internet Has Over Satellite Internet

Before choosing a rural Internet service provider, every potential customer should weigh both the benefits and disadvantages of different types of Internet companies. Though unlimited 4G rural Internet and unlimited satellite Internet are both among the best rural Internet service providers, 4G mobile Internet has these three major advantages over satellite Internet:

Higher download speeds

While some of the fastest satellite Internet companies can provide download speeds as fast as 15 Mbps, mobile Internet companies like UbiFi can reach 15 Mbps easily, with the potential to go even faster. This advantage does have a caveat, because mobile Internet’s speed is dependent on the strength of your cellular network. However, if you are in a good part of the right cellular network, mobile Internet providers such as UbiFi have the potential to blow satellite Internet out of the water in this aspect.

Lower latency

Satellite Internet companies like HughesNet and Viasat naturally carry high levels of latency because of the long distances their Internet signals have to travel to reach their customers. In contrast, UbiFi and its fellow mobile Internet providers have a much closer means of transmitting signals to their customers in the cell towers liberally strewn throughout rural America. Mobile Internet’s lower latency makes it more ideal for online gaming and other activities that require the elimination of delays and lag.

Better resistance to obstructions

Satellite Internet is notoriously finicky in the presence of obstructions such as trees, mountains, or hills because satellite signals require a clear path to customers on the ground. While mobile Internet isn’t perfect, it is much more reliable than satellite Internet both in the presence of precipitation and natural elements that would block most satellite signals.