Scan Verify: An electronic safety net for businesses

In any procedure that is performed manually, human error is a very real possibility. People aren’t perfect and even the best workers make mistakes from time to time. Unfortunately, the retail field has many interconnected costs and variables and one mistake can prove costly.

This is especially true when shipping products to your customers. If you send them the wrong product, you will need to pay for extra shipping costs when they send the item back. You could also lose money from future business, as one survey reported that 29% of shoppers stopped buying from retailers if they got one incorrect item delivered to them.

To reduce shipping errors as much as possible, some electronic help might be in order. The advent of EDI or Electronic Data Interchange has greatly streamlined and automated the shipping process, resulting in fewer human mistakes. EDI’s strengths are also on display in the procedure known as Scan Verify.

Scan Verify is an EDI feature that lets you scan a product’s barcode to make sure it is exactly what your customer ordered. Since the information from a barcode and the specifications of a customer’s order are both recorded electronically, Scan Verify can quickly check your information system to make sure you are sending out the right product. One quick scan can save your business critical time and money.