How to Know Your Online Reputation is Slipping

Article by Pierre Zarokian of Reputation Stars.

Reputation offline can affect the amount of foot traffic your business receives, but online reputation can affect so much more. Negative publicity can have skyrocketing views, and some groups may launch boycotts over a dispute. Don’t expose yourself to this risk. Learn the warning signs now, so you can take action if something happens.

Check Rankings

The first sign of bad news for your reputation is low rank. If your site was on page one and then suddenly dropped to page three, you know something is wrong. Google Analytics will be the first thing you should check. Look for which pages are coming up as “most viewed,” and check their bounce rates. Then, look at the page itself to determine what can be changed for a better outcome. Also check your rankings for search queries if you can. Google is very secretive about most of this data, but you can find some if you know where to look. Check Google Webmaster Tools for a report that will tell you whether a key term is ranking well for you. It may also show you related terms you didn’t think about, such as those containing the word “scam.”

Manage PR

You should create a one-stop press room where you can control your own messaging. Update this space regularly with fresh press releases that show off your company and its accomplishments. Also look for employees and executives in the company that have strong ties to charity organizations. Highlight those volunteers as best as you can to show that your company gives back to the community.

Article by Pierre Zarokian, an entrepreneur with several business in SEO and online reputation management.  Read other articles by Pierre Zarokian here.