Kid Proof Your Mobile Apps

Kids are becoming technology whizzes at seemingly younger ages every year. But what captivates your kids isn’t the lightening-quick 4G or organizational capabilities of a smartphone, but rather the hundreds of thousands of apps at their fingertips. Apps targeted to children, namely games, are a great source of entertainment, but they may be doing more than what’s advertised.According to the Federal Trade Commission, there are 4 things your kid’s favorite apps may be doing without you knowing:

collecting and sharing personal information: 59% share information, only 11% tell you so
letting your kids spend real money- even if the app is free: 84% allow purchases within the free to download app.apps foursquare 150×150 Kid Proof Your Mobile Apps
advertising: 58% include ads, 9% tell you so.
linking to social media: 22% link to social media, 9% tell you so.

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